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Popular products from Carling Technologies

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Contura II Actuator Blank
Carling Technologies VVAAC00-000Contura II Actuator Blank
Sale price€1,40
209 pieces in stock
VCH-01 Connector
Carling Technologies VCH-01VCH-01 Connector
Sale price€0,65
534 pieces in stock
Carling Technologies HR11D1A11GW1-11-0000012V ON-OFF
Sale price€25,05
Re-stocking soon
Actuator Removal Tool
Carling Technologies VRTActuator Removal Tool
Sale price€2,80
127 pieces in stock
Carling Technologies VAD2UHTB-00000-00012V DPST ON-OFF
Sale price€11,01
11 pieces in stock
Carling Technologies V1D2UHTB-00000-00012V SPST ON-NONE-OFF
Sale price€9,38
93 pieces in stock
Customizable Contura V Actuator
Carling Technologies VVPZCXX-1XXCustomizable Contura V Actuator
Sale price€5,20
In stock
Carling Technologies HR21D1A11BW1-11-0000012V ON-OFF
Sale price€28,50
31 pieces in stock
VC2-01 AMP Connector
Carling Technologies VC20-1VC2-01 AMP Connector
Sale price€0,65
225 pieces in stock

Popular products from Sonitron

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Multif. 5-35Vdc 77dB 3500Hz Fast On ''.250
Sonitron SCI535B1F2Multif. 5-35Vdc 77dB 3500Hz Fast On ''.250
Sale price€16,10
47 pieces in stock
Continuous 2-35Vdc 73dB 2500Hz Faston '' .250 Black
Sonitron SC235AF2-BContinuous 2-35Vdc 73dB 2500Hz Faston '' .250 Black
Sale price€12,54
8 pieces in stock
Continuous 0.7-15Vdc 3500Hz 98dB Pin
Sonitron SC0715BLContinuous 0.7-15Vdc 3500Hz 98dB Pin
Sale price€15,89
45 pieces in stock
Transducer 24 mm 400-5000Hz 0 to 30V
Sonitron SMAT24P17.5Transducer 24 mm 400-5000Hz 0 to 30V
Sale price€2,60
338 pieces in stock
Transducer 21 mm 600-5000Hz 0 to 30V
Sonitron SMAT21P10Transducer 21 mm 600-5000Hz 0 to 30V
Sale price€2,03
403 pieces in stock
1.5-15Vdc 98dB 3000Hz 24mm PIN
Sonitron SMA24LP17.51.5-15Vdc 98dB 3000Hz 24mm PIN
Sale price€5,35
100 pieces in stock
1.5-24Vdc 92dB 3000Hz 24mm PIN
Sonitron SMA24P17.51.5-24Vdc 92dB 3000Hz 24mm PIN
Sale price€2,75
2131 pieces in stock
1.5-15Vdc 91dB 3800Hz 21mm PIN
Sonitron SMA21LCP101.5-15Vdc 91dB 3800Hz 21mm PIN
Sale price€4,95
99 pieces in stock
1.5-24Vdc 85dB 3300Hz 21mm PIN
Sonitron SMA21P151.5-24Vdc 85dB 3300Hz 21mm PIN
Sale price€2,30
75 pieces in stock

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